About Lumi Cue

Lumi Cue is a transformation from frustration to creativity. The initial inspiration came when fighting to get a smart speaker to work in a new way. After brainstorming with other students at Holberton, the Lumi Cue team began to explore ways to use an Alexa skill to brighten up people’s lives. We set out to use our portfolio project to help those with executive dysfunction. As we explored timers, we wanted to develop a visual element that would bring a sense of calm.

In the end, we developed a skill that we’re excited to use in our own homes. We hope that you will be, too.

Meet the Team

Aleia DeVore

Aleia DeVore came to Tulsa from North Carolina in 2016 as an AmeriCorps VISTA. After four years working with the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance to encourage students to explore STEM fields, Aleia decided to pursue one herself.

As a software engineering student, Aleia enjoys finding creative ways to solve problems and exploring ways to make tech inclusive and accessible.

Aleia poses in front of a brick wall.
Carlos poses in front of a brick wall.

Carlos Esquivel

Carlos Esquivel is originally from Tulsa. After taking a gap year and working in sales, he decided to make a switch into the technology industry to obtain skills in software engineering. As the pandemic hit, Holberton school provided an opportunity to learn and grow in a remote working environment.

As a software engineering student, Carlos enjoys the creative aspects of problem solving such as how collaboration can foster the transfer of knowledge.